Happy Easter dear GRiSP Backers, again I have been spinning too many plates and got slow with the updates here. But today I have good news which I want to bring to you immediately:

We have been in production preparation since the last update. That is mainly sending bill of materials to different manufacturers then they try to source the parts and calculate it and make an offer. In reality there are often a few cycles necessary when certain parts have a long delivery time one tries to replace them with equivalent ones. Thats not easy at the moment because the electronic parts market is a bit crazy (production slowed down because they expected a downturn but demand stayed high).

Last week we were finally able to kicks off the production!

Manufacturing time is 13 weeks so I expect them here by end of June.

In the meantime we will work on making the new boxes (it doesn't fit in the GRiSP 1 boxes) and preparing the software we will put on the boards when we ship them. More about these software features later.

While we are on the last stretch to the finishing line for GRiSP 2 we have been busy working on our own PMODs to fill in gaps in the available PMOD market. First to see the world (I have samples on my table since end of last year) will be a HF 13.56MHz band RFID transceiver and antenna (e.g. ISO/IEC 15693 (opens new window), ISO/IEC 14443 (opens new window)and NFC). More in the pipeline.

GRiSP 2 is available for preorder https://www.grisp.org/shop/ if you didn't get some through the Kickstarter or need more of them.

Cheers & Thanks for your Patience